Laptop Repair

These services are specifically for laptops. We offer a flat rate for in-shop laptop repair service!

Laptop Screen Repair

We will replace your broken screen with a brand new one. While we do keep the more popular screens in stock, manufacturers use several styles. If we don’t have your particular screen in stock we can generally have it in 2 business days!

Laptop Power Jack Repair

Laptop no longer charging? Have to place the charging cord in that ‘magic’ spot to make it charge? Did another shop tell you the motherboard needs replaced because your jack is attached to it?

Bring it to us! We do soldering at component level. No need to spend hundreds on a new board! We keep dozens of replacement jacks in stock. Call us with your model number and we will let you know if we have it. If we don’t we can get it in a matter of days!

Overheating Laptop Repair

Is your laptop overheating? Hot to the touch, especially on the bottom? Does it shut off for no apparent reason? You may have a clogged cooling fan. This is seen frequently in homes with pets, and in dusty work environments. We will disassemble your laptop, clean out the dust, and apply new thermal paste to the processor and video chip as necessary.

Laptop Keyboard Repair

Spills, bumps, and normal wear and tear can cause laptop keyboard keys to malfunction or stop Missing laptop Keysworking all together. We can replace your keyboard and get you fully operational once again.

Liquid Spill Recovery

Eating and drinking around a computer is obviously not a smart idea, but we all do it. If you’ve spilled Laptop Liquid Spillliquid on your laptop turn it off immediately! Remove the battery and ac adapter. Give us a call. We can perform a thorough cleaning to all internal and external components.