Data Recovery

Nothing is more disheartening than finding out that you need data recovery! That moment you realize that you should have been backing up your data more frequently. We’ve been there! The last thing you want to do is try random software to recover your data. You could cause permanent damage, rendering your hard drive completely useless. If you have experienced a hard drive failure stop using the drive immediately, and give us a call! Once we have examined your hard drive we will send you a list of what we believe is recoverable, and a cost estimate. We can typically keep the organization of the recovered data similar to your original layout, such as the folder names, file order, & file names. At this time you can decide whether to move forward with the recovery or not.

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If we aren’t successful with your data recovery there is no charge!


What our data recovery customers are saying

The data recovery from our old unbootable hdd to a new one was perfect.  I installed the new drive into the laptop and it actually booted straight away.
I was just hoping to get the data recovered from the drive, so getting a bootable hard drive with all the data and programs was a very pleasant surprise. I do not
know when but I will certainly be using your services again in the future.

Thank you so much,

Steve Zahner
Hiland Dairy IT – Kansas City/Omaha

Thank you so much for recovering the data off my laptop at the start of the year. Because of your effort, I had all the data to collect on my receivables. All the data            for my past years of sales, templates, formats, pictures, my entire small business was saved and brought back due to your ability.

With sincerest thanks,


Absolutely great experience with Ken’s PC Repair. Ken was able to recover all the data from my laptop’s crashed hard drive. I took his advice and had him replace it with a solid state hard drive. He reloaded all my data on the new drive, as well as my operating system and key applications. My laptop runs better and faster than it did when new. en did all this in about 3 days! I would recommend him to anyone without reservation.


I had Ken recover some files off a crashed hard drive. He was extremely helpful, patient, and understanding concerning what the files were worth to me – I mean it is never cheap to recover data, but I doubt you’ll find any other shop more reasonable than Ken’s to do it……and he has the equipment and knowledge to do it.

Bob W

I lost ALL my Outlook files/folders after I did a laptop factory restore. I called Toshiba. They said the files were gone forever! I was in disbelief and in a panic. A friend referred me to Ken’s PC Repair.

WOW, talk about Ken to the rescue! He was able to restore ALL of my Outlook files/folders (some from 2004!) His fees are very reasonable. He gave me a rough estimate of the fee based on what my specific issue was.

If you ever have computer issues of any kind, don’t waste time trying to “fix it yourself”. Call Ken right away! He is very friendly, humble, and one of the most helpful people I have encountered in the service industry. His staff is awesome as well. Fast & Friendly! Kudos to Ken and his family run business! Thank you!