How your Computer works. Part One: RAM

“Without RAM your data is just data that sits” It is one of the many components inside the unit that is required in order for our computer to actually go. Many of us have seen the “blue screen of death”, possibly because our computers just couldn’t keep up with the amount of information that we were pushing through… Read More »

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Cloud Storage

Our data is everywhere. We have MP3s on our phones, movies on our tablets, books on our Kindles, and stuff for work on our laptops and desktops. This being the case, we sometimes have to wonder if our information is completely safe? Our devices, along with our data, can always be lost, damaged, or even stolen from us.… Read More »

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Computer Crafts

The mornings are getting chilly and the night even more so, we here in Nebraska know what that means. Fall is here. Time to clean up our gardens, winterize the house and car, and try to find the lost mittens from last year. Between all that, there has to be something we can do to relax from all… Read More »

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Data Recovery

There are quite a few things that can cause your computer’s hard drive to fail and compromise your personal data – including human errors and natural disasters. Fortunately for us, when we suffer data loss we can take the drive to a data recovery specialist, who can almost always retrieve our data for us –  even from a drive that… Read More »

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Data Backups

One of the things our clients ask us about the most often is backing up their data. Unfortunately, a majority of them wait until we’ve had to perform some level of data recovery before they even think to ask us about what could very possibly be the most important aspect of maintaining their computer. There’s a million good… Read More »

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Traveling With Your Laptop – Part 3

In our last couple of blogs (here and here) we’ve been talking about traveling with your laptop. This week, we’ll be talking about the unique challenges that taking your laptop on an airplane can bring. If you have never traveled through an Airport with a laptop, it can be a bit of a pain. Ken’s PC Repair has prepared some basic guidelines to make the process… Read More »

Ken Pennington

Traveling With Your Laptop – Part 2

Let’s face it, most of us keep our lives, the lives of our children and some of our friends on our laptops. Losing this information can be catastrophic, especially when traveling. Last week we began covering the basics of how to keep your laptop safe. This week we will continue that discussion, and talk about some things that you can… Read More »

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Traveling with your laptop – Part 1

These days we take our laptops everywhere with us, to the coffee shop, to the library, on vacation. In our blog about safe WiFi we covered how you can keep your data secure.  What about moving it from place to place or worse getting it conventionally through Airport security! If you have ever traveled through one of these checkpoints with… Read More »

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Equifax Data Breach

URGENT ALERT: 143 million Customers Exposed in Financial Data Breach Credit reporting company Equifax has just revealed that its databases were hacked in a large-scale breach affecting millions across the US, UK & Canada. While no hacking event is ever good news, some are easier to ignore than others – this isn’t one of them. The sensitive nature… Read More »


What to do with those old electronic devices

We have them sitting on shelves in our closets and in our garages. Stuffed in drawers and in boxes under the bed. Old computers, laptops, printers, cell phones, DVD players, TVs… The list of old electronics collecting dust in our homes goes on and on. Did you know that these old devices can yield potentially useful materials that can help… Read More »

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